Sulafa Hijazi, artiste plasticienne

Diplômée de l’Institut supérieur d’art dramatique syrien (Damas), Sulafa Hijazi a suivi ses études à l’Ecole nationale d’art de Frankfort-sur-le-Main (Allemagne) où elle vit désormais. En 2009, elle écrit et réalise une animation intitulée Les Oiseaux de jasmin, pour lequel elle reçoit 12 prix internationaux (Russie, Inde, Etats-Unis, Egypte, Iran…). Cofondatrice d’une radio destinée aux enfants, elle participe au CIFEJ (International Center of Films for Children and Young People). En 2010, elle fonde le site La maison bleue (

Born in Damascus, Syria, Sulafa Hijazi is a Visual artist, Director and Producer. She studied at the Higher Institute of the dramatic arts in Syria where she majored in dramatic studies, and at the Städelschule Art Academy in Frankfurt Am Main, Germany, at the class of Judith Hopf.


In addition to her artwork, Hijazi began her professional career since 1997 as a writer and director of animation TV series and other film and media production, with a particular focus on children education and social development. In addition, she was a member of the founding team of Spacetoon ‘the first free Arabic satellite channel for kids’, and a board member of CIFEJ International Center of Films for Children and Young People since 2012.


Hijazi has received more than 12 awards for her work, among them the golden prize in (Hollywood, Russia, India, Cairo, Iran..) for her latest feature animation The Jasmine Birds. 


At the beginning of 2010 she established blue.dar, a digital art production house based in the Middle East and linked with a network of national and international experts including artists, writers, researchers, educators and animators.