Jaber Al Azmeh, photographe

Né à Damas en 1973, Jaber Al Azmeh obtient un diplôme de communication visuelle à l’université de Damas où il devient enseignant en 2006. Aujourd’hui, il vit et travaille à Doha (Qatar). Il a participé à plusieurs expositions collectives à Damas et en Europe. Ses photos sont exposées et publiées par la presse dans les pays arabes et en Europe.

Born in Damascus in 1973, Jaber Al Azmeh is a graduate with a visual communications degree from the University of Damascus. In 2006, he taught photography at the IUST University  n Damascus. Today he lives and works in Doha, Qatar. His works have been exhibited in several places including the Atassi Gallery in Damascus, and the Green Gallery in Dubai. He participated in several group exhibitions in Damascus and throughout Europe. His most recent project, Journal, involves photographing various Syrian head figures and others from abroad. He is also known for his photographs of the popular Syrian Newspaper ‘Al Baath” while holding the newspaper upside down with a strong noun or verb written on it in bold font, these photos proved to be very popular on social media platforms.

70X105. cm

Heaven, 2012